Jardín Botánico de la UNAM: 

Another amazing area located on the campus of UNAM, managed by the Institute of Biology and founded in 1959. The site was created in an effort to allow the study of plant biology and preservation of the numerous plant species found in Mexico, it has since grown to include a green house for tropical plants and an outdoor area for other species of plant found throughout the country. 

The area helps promote biology through the numerous areas found in the garden, some focusing on history of certain species and other for the medical purposes that they were once used for (and still used for in certain area of Mexico) 

A great area to visit and frequented by families, students and athletes, with activities ranging from a quiet day on the grass or visiting the local store for books or adopting a certain species of plants and if nothing else, a quiet run through the park. 

Transportation: Metrobus C.U. 
Cost: Free Admission

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